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Regardless of what you may think of any differences between JP / Jupitermedia, the scale of their organisation and diversity of their portfolio is unquestionable. Which brings me to the point of this post, albeit a hypothetical and somewhat surreal point. I think it was in a post by Und3rtak3r where he mentioned "another JUP site", and I started to browse their sites. I don't know how many forums they have . but can you imagine if the ranking of members was equal across all their forums. Picture if you will, the chaos and confusion;
AO Senior Member :-" Excuse me , but this is my first post here on this site, I'm a senior member at AO with x amount of greenies"
Virtual Dr Senior Member:- "Well I'm a senior member here , so go f*** yourself, and stuff your greenies up you ****, you stupid ************

It would keep everybody entertained for ages.

Crazy thoughts when your bored