I'd have to say out of the 8 security sites my friend told me to check out, antionline is THE BEST FOR ANYTHING. A guy by the name of negative, well i think hes a guy, its never specified, he compiled all of the tutorials and newbie info into one NICE CLEAN INDEX, and its helped me so much. In the last two days, i have gotten my first tutorial on networking and I finally know what linux is and how it differers from windows--(along with its many advantages to windows). Well the newbie section is jam packed with great info and I know where to look when i have to find anything relating to computing. Being a newbie its a great relief to find a site so easy to navigate where the information is so easily accessable. Well Antionline, it seems your doign something right. Youve got my approval. And ive found myself a new spot to dwell.