Msconfig is not present in win 2K,a fact i found out only when i decided to remove some programs which annoyingly have placed themselves to be get started during my computer bootup. So being a Win98/WinXp user previously, i just popped up the RUN box and entered 'msconfig'. But couldnt find "msconfig and any of its components" After that i searched the internet taking help of my old pal GOOGLE.. I found that any version of "msconfig" (i mean ripped from win 98/WIN XP) will work with WIN2K. Just copy it to C:\WINNT\system32 folder and voila !! u can run it from the RUN box...
(this is technically possible, but may be in violation of your end-user license agreement)

While using the msconfig from win98, u'll get few errors like Config.sys, autoexec.bat, win.ini, system.ini missing..u can ignore these messages..These errors can be avoided by using msconfig from winXP..

I also found some other configuration tools and got few links which i think will be helpful for newbies like me...
1. Startup Control Panel
2. X-Setup- A utility tool from Xteq Systems

Also attached is the msconfig copied down from the WIN XP machine those who r interested..