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Thread: How the heck do i delete the XawTv video icon from my desktop?

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    How the heck do i delete the XawTv video icon from my desktop?

    This little thing is really pissing me off. I can't delete it everytime I do and I restart the thing shows right back on my desktop. I first thought it was located here /usr/share/apps/kdesktop/Desktop/dynamic_dev_v4l_video0.desktop but after removing it and seeing and rebooting the comp it came right back. I'm usin mandrake 9.1 anyone else have this problem with XawTv ? How do I remove it from showing on my desktop?
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    Well I have no idea about madrake....but ill give you what i guess you could do (99% not right)
    Maybe you have some options on the XavTv to either put it on the desktop or not.
    Dont know....but try it ;-)

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    July, I've no experience of xawtv nor mandrake, but I have some questions-

    Does xawtv run as a service? Could it be replacing the icon on restart? Is there a config file?

    Does locate video0 find any other possible instances of the icon ?

    Did you install binary or from source?
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