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Thread: Top Ten Signs Your Cat Has Learned Your Internet Password

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    Top Ten Signs Your Cat Has Learned Your Internet Password

    10. E-Mail flames from some guy named "Fluffy."

    9. Traces of kitty litter in your keyboard.

    8. You find you've been subscribed to strange newsgroups like alt.recreational.catnip.

    7. Your web browser has a new home page: http://www.feline.com/.

    6. Your mouse has teeth marks in it ... and a strange aroma of tuna.

    5. Hate-mail messages to Apple Computer Corp. about their release of "CyberDog."

    4. Your new ergonomic keyboard has a strange territorial scent to it.

    3. You keep finding new software around your house like CatinTax and WarCat II.

    2. On IRC you're known as the IronMouser.

    1. There are little kitty carpal-tunnel braces near the scratching post.

    By Dave Fore
    The above sentences are produced by the propaganda and indoctrination of people manipulating my mind since 1987, hence, I cannot be held responsible for this post\'s content - me


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    Oh and like my cats (I have 3) would actually move beyond the sunspots they lounge about in all day to do something like surf the web when they can play cute with me and get me to do it for them????

    Goodbye, Mittens (1992-2008). My pillow will be cold without your purring beside my head
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    Dogs have owners cats have servants - lol
    can't remember who said it but sums up their personalities perfectly


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