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    I don't see anything wrong with checking what your kid is doing online, I even think its a good idea to have a decent idea what your kid is doing while on the internet... the world is full of wierdos and kids don't need to be involved with them and their sick idea. If watching your kid's every move online is what it takes to keep them safe, then so be it...

    I think bballad said it best when he said:

    Do I trust my kids, yes, do I trust the nut jobs on the net, no. So I have two chocies, eaither shater my kids innocence at a very young age, or let them grow up on their own but monitor their actiities to make sure they don't get hurt.

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    As a parent my self yes i do monitor my children activities on the internet it not because i don't trust them i don't trust the internet too many sick people in this world today.

    On IM's they can talk to their friends about sex/drugs/maybe hacking or something like that
    And why should they have to go to IM's to talk about this stuff when that what i'm here for.

    That sounds normal to me but they will just delete the Temporary Internet Files/ Clear the history so how can you check them then?
    There's ways of recovering these files so don't think once you deleted them they are gone for good

    cheyenne1212 > I agree with you that is you provide the internet connection and the computer, to a certain extent that voids a level of privacy for the child, because its your property they are using as privilege, not a right.
    I couldn't agree more
    I had to google 'jfgi' to see what it meant. The irony is overwhelming.

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    I can see where your coming from syini666. If my kids are very trustworthy then I'll check on them once in a while, however, if they're lying, and everything else then you better bet I'm gonna have a full court press on them.

    But also Like most everyone else is saying, I would not want some weirdo talking to my kid about sex, drugs, or if they want to meet up.

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    Originally posted here by Syini666

    cheyenne1212 > I agree with you that is you provide the internet connection and the computer, to a certain extent that voids a level of privacy for the child, because its your property they are using as privilege, not a right.
    IMHO my kids have no rights only privlages untill they are supprting themselfs/ are adults. (if the teen me had heard this he would laughed in my face, but haveing kids greatly changes your view of life.)

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    I monitor my teenagers internet access.
    They have no access to the internet from the computers in their rooms. They have to use the one in the family room that everyone can see the monitor. Histories and cookies are checked randomly. They don't IM or chat.
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    I agree you have to keep an eye on what the kids are doing on the web. I have a 16 year daughter and we have a very open relationship but I still check up on her and whats she doing. The thing is she doesnt mind me doing this because in her words it shows how much I care about her well being. She is gone this summer to camp and before she left she asked to to check on her email for her. So by all means if you have to put on a program that logs where they go or what ever but do check up on the kids. Protect them at all costs from the pervs out there.
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    What kind of responsible parent WOULDN'T watch their kids on the net? We live in a dangerous, screwed up world and it's our job to keep our children safe.
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    Ok, when I am old, like you guys lol I'll probably want to monitor my kids activities too. Monitoring public chatrooms isn't a problem but things like MSN Messenger, I don't think that's necessary because probably everybody who is on their list is also a real life friend, at least that's how it is with me. But I guess it's pretty normal when you wanna know who is talking to your kid and especially what they say, you're probably not really interested in what your kid says but what the other person says.
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