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Thread: is it appropriate to post here a tutorial on linux xbox???

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    is it appropriate to post here a tutorial on linux xbox???

    i'm working on a tutorial that will encompas:

    1. modding your xbox w/ legal chip & flashing it w/ legal BIOS
    2. upgrading xbox's tiny harddrive
    2. guide to set up keyboard/mouse & monitor
    3. installing linux
    4. networking
    5. setting up basic FTP server

    the tutorial will basicaly teach you how to make your xbox a full-fledged home PC/entertainment center .. if you are at all interested i will try to make the turial more AO friendly (insted of gamer friendly)
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    If its your own work, if its legal (and sometimes it doesn't even matter), and if its interesting, its totally appropriate to post it.... I myself would like to read it..


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    I think it would be cool to have a tutorial on how to modify the xbox good luck to you and rember to save often hate to see hours of work go down the drain.

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