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Thread: Why don't we just abolish sports?

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    Why don't we just abolish sports?

    Everybody knows that athletes are the cause of about 90% of all the rape , murder and
    other mayhem in America. I say it's time the SOBs got real jobs like the rest of us and
    we just outlaw all sorts of ballgames and other nonsense.


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    If they did get regular jobs like the rest of america then they wouldn't be thinking hey I have millions of dollars I can do what ever I want and if I do get caught I will just hire a big shot lawyer and he\she will get me off with a fine or community service. And I do think they are way over paid for something anyone can do

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    LOL i dont neccesaraly agree with you rcgreen but I do believe that teachers, cops, firemen shouldnt be getting lower wages then sportsplayers or at least get higher wages
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    Sportsman do think they're hotshots although it is not a manifestation of the mind [something you could truly be proud of]. And yeah, why should brain-workers get paid way less compared to someone who hasn't ever heard of Dante but can run a hundred meters in less then 9 sec...

    In the Roman Empire slaves were forced to entertain the crowds through sports and they rarely did it of their own accord. Now we turn them into idols. But why? It is the little man that makes them as such, not anything else. The crowds...

    Each to their own. cheers!

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    If memory serves me correctly most of the publicized mass murders; ex: school shootings and Buckhead Atlanta shooting were committed by the "Non-sports" people.

    You are going to have sickos or fanatics in every aspect of life be it religion, sex, politics, games, or whatever. If were going to ban something, I say lets create a penal colony for all the people that display fanaticism. Of course that would mean a large number of politically prominant Democrats. he he!

    Seriously though, we should not catagorize everyone that plays sports as being criminals. The last time I checked, punishing a group of individuals, when there is not an unlawful act being conducted in a cohesive effort, was considered to be "discrimination." A word you will rarely see me through around.

    Another thought since 100% of the criminal hacks are conducted by computer users, should we ban computers, or just chat forums were ideas can be shared?

    The mentally disturbed are persecuted here in America, and I say rightfully so!
    These people are NUTS!
    The mentally handicaped are persecuted in this great country, and I say rightfully so! These people are NUTS!!!!

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    The reason sports stars get paid millions is because the stupid public pay to watch them or buy the products that are featured in the commercials on sports TV

    It all our own fault really.

    But they shouldn't be able to evade responsibility for their behaviour.
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    Everybody knows that athletes are the cause of about 90% of all the rape , murder and
    other mayhem in America.
    Thats like saying 95% of people with cancer have eaten potatoes, lets ban them ... It fails to seperate coincidence from a causal effect. Unfortunately with all the junk press around these days, it is something that happens very frequently.

    As far as the overpaid crybabies and thugs in professional sports, I have done all I can do and refuse to buy and/or watch any top-tier professional sport (I do occasionally watch minor league stuff) and do watch muchos college sports (although the argument could go they get paid as well, it just isn't out there on the table for all to see); however, I would not go so far as to say to ban sports over the matter. If enough people quit spending exhorbinant amounts of money on tickets and merchandise (hit teams in the pocketbooks), the situation will eventually take care of itself.

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    I call BS on that statistic...I mean common ken 60% of al americans know that you can make a statistic say anything

    Face it Rape/murder /ectera is commited by people of all walks of life, celebertys (includeing atheleats) just draw more coverage then joe schmo dose when they are caught.

    As for their pay, if I had a skill that no one else had, and was in demand I would demand that much pay as well...remember the average athleat has a five year career, they better make as much as they cna in those years.
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    Ok this one is a little much Rc you pulled this one from somewhere out in left field.

    No we should not ban sports, First I play sports that is the first reason. Second athletes make so much because, people pay that much to be intertained. Now the Teacher, Cop and Firefighter thing I will say this it is a lot easier to become a teacher then it is, to become a professional Football player. Now the reasons that teachers make least pure economics there are a hell of alot more teachers then there are atheles. Hey I got one why don't we Ban any one that doesn't have asthma they use more oxygen then those with Asthma.


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    There is no need to ban them. If sports in general keep going the way that it is they are eventually going to turn off the general public. Players’ salaries continue to rise therefore the teams raise prices to move the costs to the fans. They are going to make it so that the general public cannot afford to go to the games. Right now there are games that you cannot see in the local areas unless the game is sold out. When the general public is not able to see the games then they will lose interest. Once they lose interest then who is going to pay the teams to pay the players?

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