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Thread: Scrolling Revisited

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    Scrolling Revisited

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    08-05-2003 11:27 PM you're no better than spammers....you just post a ton of crap that isn't even funny
    - contact user about this assignment: AP Poster: keezel

    08-05-2003 11:27 PM he tried being nice. Ive thought about saying something to you my self.
    - contact user about this assignment: AP Poster: ZomBieMann77

    O keezel, the great and wise one, I do so want to be better than spammers. Please forgive me. I no post shitty, no funny crap again. Please no banish me to General Chit Chat. I be very good, try never to be funny again. I want to learn funnieness like you. You maybe do big tootorial on funniness, then whole internet see your funnieness, you then become great big chief of all funnieness, you get many, many green thingys and become very famous.
    Computer says no
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    Okay man time to quit acting like a baby. YEa you got negged. IMHO you deserved it or i wouldnt have neged you. I get so sick of people whining because the get negged. Im not trying to turn this into somekind of flame war nor will i take anypart of it degenerating into one. Just grow up. when i open up the humor forum and EVERY thread was started by you and none of it is even **** you made up it gets kinda old. Most of it isnt even that funny. I admit there have been a few good ones but not that many. Okay you were asked to cool it and you got bitchy. you got negged and you got bitchy. Its not that big of a deal man. would it hurt you to stop being a post whore? Out of 180 posts how many of them can be acredited to this rampant stupidity?

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