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Thread: Free eScan Anti-Virus Toolkit Utility

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    Post Free eScan Anti-Virus Toolkit Utility

    MicroWorld has developed a Free eScan Anti-Virus Toolkit Utility, that will help you diagnose if your machine is infected by a virus. This tool also cleans your registry and other system areas of the damage that a virus might have done. The best part of eScan toolkit utility, is its ability to

    A. Check running processes in memory.

    B. Check illegal dialers running in memory and inform the user.

    C. Inform users of any background (legal) sniffers or tools running in memory.

    Download it here

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    I have never heard of them before. Can we trust Them ??

    The javascript on the web site does not seem to work properly, why would I trust them with my entire computer system s??

    All I get is 404 error messages from the web pages.

    They say their Corporate Office is in Mumbai, India, and the US Office is

    MicroWorld Technologies Inc.
    109, White Oak Lane,
    Suite #93,
    Old Bridge, NJ 08857,
    USA Office
    Tel: (+1)-732-607 7501/02

    When you call all you get is a recording to leave a message, not even something like " .. our offices are closed ..."

    Do you have further details on this company?? Where did you hear of them?? How trustworthy are they?

    I'm sorry, I'm not that trusting with my systems. I'd rather use M$ antivirus for my Linux systems with the info I have at this point!
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    I have never heard of them before. Can we trust Them ??

    The javascript on the web site does not seem to work properly, why would I trust them with my entire computer system s??

    All I get is 404 error messages from the web pages.
    Had no problems with the pages that I tried.. only 404 was on a download mirror..

    I don't trust any AV software with my systems.. that is why we always test unknown companies Software on a non production machine.. connect it to the internet and check all of its ports.. and wait.. oh and keep tabs on the company.. Also always testing each of the AV progs for (in)compatability problems..


    I respect the trust the devil you know..
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    heh heh..
    Trust.. but verify

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    I have just downloaded it............no probs with the site. I shall run it on a "sacrificial goat" to see what happens, and report back to you guys.

    BTW " sacrificial goat" = expendable non-production machine.

    My gut feel is that the people are genuine new entrants...how good the product is, is another days work as they say. I say this because the site seems a bit too slick for a scam, but not quite the full shilling.

    My comment to newbies is that Und3ertak3r's advice is very sound


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    I'm sure we have all heard the term, 'Trust no one'. Well, I believe it sticks here as well. I too have never heard anything about this company before. (excuse bad grammer plz ) Hmmm, an affiliate of M$ perhaps? If so, it should be considered a virus definition along with windoze IMHO! :P

    Well, its headed by some Govind Rammurthy, hmm, more about him here: http://www.indiainfoline.com/view/200603.html

    From the same page quotes,
    "We have about 100 people all over the world. In R&D about 22 people are there."
    not very big and strong, it will be interesting how fast they will respond to new difinitions and large worm outbreaks.

    Oh well, as I sit right now, I don't even have AV installed on my windows partition, lol. Normally I use NAV, but I scan it from time to time with F-Prot from my Linux partition. I have no valuable data that is not backed up anyways, and I don't mind re-building from scratch 3 times a month if I have to anyways.

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    I have now had a chance to look at the ‘eScan antivirus toolkit from Micro World. The version that I downloaded was with a virus database of 1 August 2003. It comes as a self-extracting zip file that loads the application into the Windows Temp directory. A pop-up screen appears that lets you adjust the scan parameters, and run it. The file is 3.6Mb and unpacks to around 6Mb.

    The first thing that struck me is that it is re-packaged Kaspersky, so the size of the team supporting it at the Indian re-seller is not that important.

    It is an emergency tool to scan and clean viruses, as opposed to being a trial or “free” edition of a full AV package. The full package is around 17Mb. As such, it is not updatable and should NOT be considered a substitue for a full AV offering. To update it you have to download the whole toolkit again.

    I tested it on a PII/266Mhz with 128Mb RAM and two 5400rpm hard drives booting Windows Me. It took 2 hours and 15 minutes to scan 30,000 files, total size around 5Gb. AVG (Grisoft) took 23 minutes to perform the same task.

    ‘eScan reported 13 viruses and 2 errors. 12 of the “viruses” were .exe files that run animations, it said that they were “tagged as not a virus”. One was reported as “traces of VBS.Redlof” I have no knowledge of ever having had this virus!, (although the box is second hand). AVG did not spot this either.

    One of the “errors” was an executable file that it apparently “did not understand”, the other was a graphic file (.jpg) called “error” that is a message pop up for an application!

    Ordinarily I would not be too concerned about this, but as it cleans or deletes without asking you, I would not feel very comfortable using it.

    I checked the log and noticed that it has a very strange method of scanning, jumping from folder to folder and even DRIVE to DRIVE!…………this would explain why it took so long on a low spec. box.

    My conclusion is that it probably works just fine………but not for me!……………I would prefer a full trial version of an AV or one of the online scanners that many of the big boys provide (eg. PC-cillin, Panda etc.) My reasons are:

    1. Lack of control.
    2. False positives.
    3. Amount of time it takes.


    BTW I have looked around the company website and they seem OK. I think that they are security solution providers/consultants re-sellers, rather than original product providers.

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