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Thread: Backbone Outage 0600 GMT -0600 ??

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    Backbone Outage 0600 GMT -0600 ??

    Hola again.

    I have just been able to get back online after what I think was a reasonably major Backbone issue. Does anyone have any information on this? Or was it just local/my imagination/bad luck?

    I was able to hit a site almost on the other side of the USA, where I have a shell account, and from there the Internet seemed to have a lot of holes too. :-/

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    Hrmmm.. When did it first start? I did notice a slight outage yesterday morning but it recovered.

    http://www.internettrafficreport.com/main.htm <--- good place to go to find out network status worldwide
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    Please do not flame me for this............I am not an astrophysicist or whatever.....

    Could it be something to do with sunspot activity and the funny weather we are having?....I was having no problems at the time you mention but was local/Europe then.

    My TV has gone ballistic, however, as I could not get a single UK channel..............instead I was getting German and Dutch ones with very good reception. Also, my local radio station was being picked up 100 miles away, when its range should be about 15.

    I suspect that if there is satellite/wireless/microwave anywhere in your internet links you may get this?

    Beyond my level of physics/electronics/telecoms...........any gurus out there?


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    [jk]oops sry.. just sooped up the adsl modem slightly... did I cause a prob did i?[/jk]

    BTW handy page MsMittens

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    Could it be something to do with sunspot activity and the funny weather we are having?
    this is interesting. i also noticed weird behaviour on the tv. no prolonged blackouts tho. but i have satalite tv, which would be prone to this sort of interference. i don't know if it would have the same effect on cables running along the ocean floor or underground. interesting though.

    also, thanks MsMittens for the link. *bookmark*
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    yep weather does affect radio waves,

    the weather has various affects on the propogation of radio waves, I was trying to think of this logically even though i done it all before cos ive forgotten some of this stuff :-) But if you think about it at higher temperatures a gas (air) is less dense and at colder temps its a higher density,

    so when the radio waves are travelling though the sky, the higher the density the less distance they will travel, lower density further,

    in theory radio waves can travel for an infinite distance, this isnt true in real life because of interference, objects and other factors,

    so yea on a hotter day you should be able to recieve something further,

    common radio like radio 1 and comercial radio use ground waves

    sattalite systems use sky waves (see what they done there!! :-))

    the performance of these systems depend on the ionosphere, this is serveral layers of charged particles which are ionised by sun rays, the refraction (bouncing) of these is depended on certain factors, :-

    degree of ionisation
    gas density << here it is again!
    frequency of radio wave

    if you look at these maps here, http://www.vhfdx.net/mufmap.html youll see there done in a scale with colours,

    the colours higher than the one on the map pierce the ionosphere, the ones below bounce back,

    these change hourly and are quite interesting and of special interest to all sorts of people dealling with comms.

    I couldnt find a picture of it (if i do ill post the link) but theres another graph that shows terristrial noise with respect to temp and Ghz, and it kinda shows that there are less noise spikes when the temp greater (i think! its been a long time since ive seen it)

    as with picking up dodgy german porn channels on the satatalite, this could be because the ionosphere was a bit freakish and moved to something a little random (dunno didnt look at the diagrams on the day) or the alternative, whats the bracket made of that holds up the dish or is the dish that holey stuff or normal aluminum? cos these could have undergone buckling,

    So yea the weather conditions play a key role in the propogation of radio waves and this may be why

    gods teeth ive gone on a bit!


    ps:- if im wrong anywhere PM me i wanna know!

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