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Thread: FreeBSD Install help

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    FreeBSD Install help

    Hey i was trying to install Free BSD on an i386 computer. Every time io try to boot i get this error:

    CD Loader 1.01
    Building the boot loader arguements
    Looking Up /BOOT/LOADER ..... Found
    Read Error 0x7c
    Could not find Primary Volume Decription

    any help would be greatly appreciated. Thnx

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    Is this when you put the cd in to install ? , if so i would make sure the checksum is right , if it is right reburn the disc and try again , if the checksum is wrong you will have to redownload it. If you are on windows and have no idea about md5 checksums goto www.downloads.com and get a md5 checksum program.If you are on linux man md5 should help. run it on the iso image you downloaded and compare the results to the md5 on the freebsd ftp site. Did you set your bios to boot from cd ? , did you burn the image properly? . If you are getting this error after you have gone through and installed i would make sure your hardware is supported (probably is unless you have something really exotic) , and do as i said with the checksum and reinstall. I have never seen the error you describe but i would guess that either your cd is no good or if you have already installed your partitioning is messed up some starnge way?
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