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Thread: What's Your Style?

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    What's Your Style?

    For the designers in here, what's the style that time and time again you come back to when creating a site? Or what's your current style?

    Right now, I'm into the trendwhore, pixel bevels/1 px borders/bitmapped font styles which gives a site sort of a futuristic look, depending on colors. Most of my recent sites have used some form of this design. A step up from the grunge phase I went through.

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    Words, gotta be readable, not so dense that it all runs together, but definitely
    enough to be worth looking. Too many pictures is distracting. No more than one or two
    images on a page.
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    If I were to define my style, I would say that what the user notices first is my complete lack of style. My sites work, I try my best to make them fast, and I layout my pages in a way that I think feels natural, but if it were up to me, I would rather work on the functions that a site uses instead of the actual presentation. I am definitely not an artist.

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    Any web page should be designed so that it has a fast loading time. easy to navigate through the pages, have interesting backgrounds readable text and the most important thing is the content. If the content is good and updated people will always come back and bookmark the page into their favorites.

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    I'm not big on style, more on functionality.. but it always varies.

    The last site finally used flash for all the links, which was cool. Before that it was funky image maps on a graphic intensive background with an inline frame... I'm big on those.. I think style is basically whatever my mood is when i design the site.
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    I would have to say that my style varies but I am recreating an International Adoption Agencies site so the graphics are kinda meshed (whited out with soft edges) into the background while my titles are fancy but my content area is normal Arial with 1 pix spacing so that they can read very easy. I also believe the page load up time is crucial but I think, at least for the site I working on now, you need a certain amount of pictures to appeal to the persons feelings.

    Oh yeah, and I think the most important is the functionality of the site, if users click on links and get dropped off in never-ever-land you just lost a potential client (or whatever it is).

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    Personally, I've grown tired of flash. There was a time that I was into it heavily, and it's great for certain elements, but so many people use it to bog down loading times that when it does load, you're thinking "I just waited for this?"

    I like minimalistic design, besides the pixeled look I've been using. The use of conceptual art in layouts is something very powerful, but seems to be passed up in general by a lot of designers. Pictures that represent ideals, not only convey much in a little, but give an added depth to your content and design.

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    I always use very simple layouts; usually involving two columns controlled by CSS (or occasionally I'll have a top navbar instead) and the sites always concentrate on text rather than design.
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    well started writing answer for this and got a lil carried away so started new thread with it instead lol

    here -> http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=248613

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