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Thread: Technical Support Behind the Scenes.

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    Lightbulb Technical Support Behind the Scenes.

    Technical Support Behind the Scenes

    Well I got done with my two weeks of on the job training. I have sucessfully completed the course so I'm know an official Techncial Support Level2 ( not level1 big difference) technican for a internet service provider. The reason I'm writing this is to let everyone know who thought it would be easy to do technical support the job itsself is somewhat easy, but dealing with the customers, thats a bitch. I get all kinds of different calls ranging from someone setup a firewall on my system now I haven't been able to get on the internet for 2 weeks now? Or I keep getting this error code 691 (which is username or password entry error) I know I entered my password correctly whats wrong with it? I had this one lady from the state of Kentucky this is a baskwards hillybilly state. This is how stupid this customer was. It took me 1 hour and 42 minutes to walk this customer through Internet connection wizard in Windows 98. Now this is normally a 10 minute job, the promblem was this lady couldnt read, and trying to teach someone how to setup and run the internet connection wizard who dont know how to read, and IS extremly computer illiterate. When she called and after I got her phone number, first and last name, authorization phrase, user id, ( and found out the reason she called)I said Mrs. Shook How many phone lines do you have in your home? She replies, one. I said Mrs. Shook what operating system are you currently running? Outlook express. (lol)

    I had this other lady who called who also wanted me to build her dialer,( in windows dial-up-networking) setup her e-mail, configure her browser, I did all this, the internet connection wizard setup the internet connection successfully. This lady had only 1 phone line as well. She says
    before I hang up I want to make sure this works, because I was on hold for a long time
    (which was 5 minutes tops)

    I said ok Mrs. Jackson so she tries to connect to the net (with 1 line) I hear dialing up in my ear, I have the modem screaming in my ear, she replies "it doesnt work! I want to speak to your supervisor?," I said Mrs. Jackson, the reason it didnt work because were on the phone. In order for you to dial-up and have internet access you must be off your phone. I didnt realize people were so stupid.

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    Ive had to work with a few people like that, one of the worst parts of the job
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    I know how irritating that is, some far familymember uses me as a helpdesk, I've once been at his home a whole day to teach him how he had to scan photos and send them by email(it's an old guy).
    So irritating, you explain it 10 times and he still does it wrong.
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