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Thread: XP user login problem

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    XP user login problem

    A cousin of mine came over to my house recently (brought over by his aunt) and asked to use my computer, which I was stupid enough to let him use it. The little bastard made himself a user account and made himself admin and making me a limited user on Windows XP home edition.
    Is there a way to get around this so I can take my own system back without having to reformat or reinstall Windows?
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    Yes, login via safe mode then use the hidden administrator account to restore yourself as admin then delete him.

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    hrmmm... never heard of that, what's the hidden admin account?

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    You don't need to log into it via safe mode. And it's not hidden, it is just by default not passworded. You can get a user name prompt at the welcome screen by pressing ctrl+alt+delete+delete, then typing administrator as the user name with no password. But if the user was smart enougn to password it then it won't work, but good chance it was a luser and didn't password it, go for it.

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    Yes , try what th3ntropy said. But if it is passworded then you can try getting l0pht crack , And try recovering the passwords for your system. Once you get the password for the administrator account that your cousin had made , then you can make yourself the administrator again. Give It a Try.
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    I just came accross this bootable linux mandrake based rescue kit.
    Here is a quote form their site:
    The Trinity Rescue Kit 1.1 is a Linux distribution based on Mandrake 9.1 binaries. It is designed to rescue/repair/prepare dead or damaged systems, be it Linux or Windows. It has networking capabilities like ssh, samba and ftp and supports about every network card, disk controller and USB controller. You can use it to repair a Windows 2000 or Windows XP system by setting the checkdisk flag or editing the registry or just reset the administrator password (or any other user). You can even undelete files from an ntfs, ext2 or fat partition
    The site is located:
    http://trinityhome.org/trk/ <--there.

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