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Thread: Mandrake 9.0 Problems

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    Question Mandrake 9.0 Problems

    I have a dual boot system (Win2kPro, Mandrake 9.0) with both OS's residing on a 20 gb harddrive. Win2k will allow me to access my other hd, which is a 40gb NTFS volume. Mandrake used to be able to see the NTFS hd but no longer can. The Drake partition manager does not even see the hd as existing. It used to be able to see and access the hd but no longer can. How do I fix it?

    Also, if anyone could post a link to a Linux driver for a NetoDragon 56k Voice Modem (softmodem) I would appreciate it. I have looked but all I found was a large number of posts looking for the same thing.

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