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Thread: can i stop M$N Messenger???

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    Originally posted here by allenb1963
    Tell your brother to go buy his own damn PC because you are sick and tired of having him gom yours up with all the crap he is downloading. If this is your box then he should at least have enough respect to use it according to your guidelines.
    especially since you are the older bro ya know... take some action!

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    i could kill him too, but...

    - i downloaded and instaled the disableMessenger didn`t work

    - i went to the M$ stupidity base...just crap (as expected)

    - i turned on the "disable messenger" option in the administrative tools...didn`t work

    - i`ve googled about it but didn`t find anything useful

    as i said, the box is not mine it is for my brother and i, but the matter is that i study informatics and need to program and use other tools for my carrer while he just keeps talking gossip and major crap by that goddamned messenger. if my parents could understand the diference, this wouldn`t be happening...anyway. I accept him to use the pc but i don`t accept losing time, work and effort because his adiction to both: messenger and stupidity...believe i`m SICK of it and i`m "desperately lookin for help".

    i don`t want icq`s, aol`s, messenger or any instant message service is abled to work in my pc, even logged as administrator.

    if XP were a serious OS it could give me the ability to do that, but despite it`s "adiministrative s@#t" that f@#* messenger still works...

    well i`ll keep on tryi`n anyway

    thanx to all of you...

    ┐how did ya know i`m the older bro?

    i think i`ll do whatallenb1963 said

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    Go to and get "shoot the messenger" it works with NT,2K and XP.

    This is the homepage of Gibson Research Corporation (Steve Gibson). There is a lot of other freeware and a lot of useful articles on all sorts of security issues such as universal plug and play, raw sockets support in XP and so on.

    You still have to do something about the security issue of it being re-installed, that is change his user rights.


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    hey i`m not talking about the messenger service....this is about MSN MESSENGER 6 !!!

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    Here is an idea, not sure that's what you want...

    I haven't used ZoneAlarm in years but can you block an IP with it?

    When I log in with MsnMessenger6 it connects to

    If I was you I would block any connection to * in ZoneAlarm.

    It will probably give an alarm when your brother will try to connect though.
    You can turn off the alarm feature before loggin off and turn it back on when using your computer again.

    Now this is only theory only since the free version of zone alarm is kind of crappy and I bet you can't manually block a single ip.

    My second suggestion is to change firewall and use Agnitum Outpost.
    With that free firewall, you can block an IP without getting a stupid popup alert whenever someone tries to connect to it.

    This will work even if your brother reinstalls messenger since the ip will still be blocked.
    You could even block access to the MSN Mess download site so he can't reinstall.

    All in all it's a much more flexible product then zone alarm.

    good luck.
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    This leaves the icons on your computer but when clicked an error message appears stating file not found. This will make your bro think the program is damaged. If he reinstalls it simply repeat the process...eventually he'll get tired of installing "that m/s crap" and you're all set.
    Good luck

    First, right click the Messenger icon in the system tray and click Exit.
    Right click the Start button and click the Explore command to open the Windows Explorer.
    In the Windows Explorer, expand the Program Files folder on the partition where your operating system is installed (the partition that holds the WINDOWS directory) and right click the Messenger folder and select Rename.
    Rename the folder to MessengerDISABLED and press ENTER to commit the name change.
    Restart the Computer. No more Windows Messenger!
    A number of people said they couldn't rename the folder, because they got a message that said there was a file in use. If this happened to you, try this:

    Right click the taskbar and click the Task Manager.
    In the Task Manager, click the Processes tab.
    On the Processes tab, click the Image name column header. You'll notice that this arranges program names in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order. This prevents them from moving around in the list and makes it easier to find what you're looking for.
    Find the msimn entry in the list. Right click it and click End Process. Click Yes in the dialog box warning that bad things might happen. The msimn entry should disappear.
    Find the msmsgs entry in the Image Name list. Right click that one and click End Process. Again, click Yes on the warning dialog box.
    Close the Task Manager.
    Now that both the Windows Messenger and Outlook Express are closed completely, you should be able to rename the C:\Program Files\Messenger folder. For info on other ways to whack Windows Messenger, look in the Troubleshooting section at the end of this newsletter for a link to Microsoft's official methods.


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    Thanks !! amorphous. I have tried for years to block that (damned) MSN Messenger.
    Blocked port 1863 - didn't work cause MS are so proud of the fact MSN Mess will then use the HTTP port (or proxy port) to run. Tried blocking all the Ip adds ..... gave up after blocking 30 or so. (obviously firewall rules won't block it; cause it will use the HTTP port(s))

    Great answer

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    Hi FreeJack , allow ur brother to use ur pc freely , remember u are free ......

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    amorphous ::: umm but what if he just goes into the msn directory and sees the file is renamed?? easier way - rename extention from .exe to .txt open it up delete a couple of lines and rename back to .exe

    I doubt it would run then


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    OK dude, here is a little something for you. Rename this to msnremove.vbs, right click it and select OPEN. This should do the trick. If not, I'd be VERY surprised.

    This is a little VBScript written to take care of your issue. You'll need to be signed in as an admin before you run it.


    you can do this:

    Using Windows Explorer navigate to c:\windows\inf\sysoc.inf.
    Look for the line starting with "msmsgs" and remove "hide," from the end of this line.
    Now goto Control Panel -> Add/Remove -> Windows Components. Windows Messenger should now be listed.
    All you have to do now is remove the checkmark from it.

    I knew I posted something on this ages ago:

    Lemme know how it works out.

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