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Thread: right click google tool (for I.E users)

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    right click google tool (for I.E users)

    knowing how you all love google.. now you can be be lazier, and save a step or two..

    RightClick GOOGLE is a small application that allows you to highlight any word within a webpage, click the right mouse button (or press the context menu key on your keyboard), then choose to search Google for that word instantly in a new window. It also allows you to highlight any web address within a webpage, even if it is not hyperlinked, click the right mouse & choose to "follow selected url". A great webpage navigation aid.

    (about 41 k..)

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    o.O that could come in very handy! thanks

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    Love the "google Bar v2".. with popup blocker... hmmm is nice.. ny else try it yet?..
    I am Yet to try the RC toy you have mentioned,,

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    That is a great addon that google came out with. I wish they would of come out with it sooner

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