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Thread: dsl question

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    Question dsl question

    Got a question I run win xp pro and its hooked up to DSL . Why is it the only time i can access the internet is when i logon through AOL.If I try just through IE it dosent work.

    Any suggestions

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    try .... Tools->Internet Options- > Connections and see what's you deafult connection and try to setup dsl or something ...

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    I don't know about your dsl but mine uses PPPoE which means I have to provide a username, and pass wo logon on. I know have a router which is always connected so I don't logon anymore, but before I had the router I set up the connection like this.

    Go to Start-->Control Panel-->Network Connections--> Then clicke on Create a new connection

    I used the wizard to setup my connection that way. The other way to do it is how memory suggested. What I usually do though is make sure that its set to never dial my connection unless I'm connecting, because I have some programs that need to connect to the net sometimes, and when they do it causes the connect to box to appear, which might be in the middle of a game.

    Hope I helped you some

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    Thanks guys that did it for me.

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