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Thread: Am I Being Hacked??

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    Question Am I Being Hacked??

    Can anyone give me information about the alerts from my firewall,I’m also Using a program called swat-it pro,that allows me to see connections on different Ports.

    For the past few weeks every time I connect to the net,it is showing 6-8 connections ,some thing like this :


    Every search I have done,indicates that akamaitechnologies is something to do With hackers,to tunnel there port scans through.

    Iv’e contacted my ISP (who was not keen to help)and won’t be using for too much longer anyway.

    Another search brought up something about the FBI??

    I have disabled my NetBios,and scanned for viruses(non found)
    Does anyone have any info about akamaitechnologies,what these
    Alerts are exactly,and how to either close these ports they are using or??

    Since the tech's at my ISP are not very helpful,i'm hoping someone knowledgable here can give me answers/help.

    Before these alerts,i have had many many other alerts from my firewall.
    It has become terrible for me to use the net,and i'm looking to either find out
    who is hacking me(i have some ideas who might want to)or a solution,and
    feel safe that certain things aren't being stolen,while i surf the internet.

    Any help/advice will be much appreciated.

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    not sure if u'r being hacked...it could also just be a spyware trying to contact its host. DO a spyware S&D scan and also run an antitrojan software just to be on the safe side. do you have the times these "attacks" ran? If you do, be on your comp and see what goes on.

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    i guess you looked at the same sites as i did when searching in google


    if so, you should have your answer by now, as Cybr1d said, most probably is spyware.

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    Yes . You are definitely being hacked by the FBI. This is logical and understandable, you, being an "intern" in the UK
    Computer says no
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    Here is the trace on the IP in a193-108-153-14.deploy.akamaitechnologies.com

    Registrar: TUCOWS, INC.
    Whois Server: whois.opensrs.net
    Referral URL: http://www.opensrs.org
    Name Server: ACCESS.AKAMAI.COM
    Name Server: YH.AKAMAI.COM
    Name Server: YF.AKAMAI.COM
    Name Server: YG.AKAMAI.COM
    Name Server: YD.AKAMAI.COM
    Name Server: YE.AKAMAI.COM
    Name Server: YB.AKAMAI.COM
    Name Server: YC.AKAMAI.COM
    Updated Date: 28-mar-2003
    Creation Date: 18-aug-1998
    Expiration Date: 17-aug-2007

    Looks like it has been registered by Tucows.

    akamaitech is often used by spywares mostly to serve ad contents.

    I have no clue why you mentionned the FBI, it certainly has no direct link with this ip.
    Your searches seem to be somewhat misleading.

    Try adaware to search your computer for spywares, I am almost certain it's a spyware bundled in some "free" app you got from tucows.

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    jm459,what are you talking about you muppett?
    i'm an intern at game institute www.gameinstitute.com
    for the c/c++ and direct input courses.

    well,actually i think i am being hacked as i ran spybot and no spyware has been found.

    Please bear in mind,this happens EVERY time i connect to the net,programs are starting to crash,my comp is reebooting,no viruses found,but i'm not so sure.

    Can any experts give me some serious advice please,on GOOD software,firewalls etc etc
    i would appreciate it,as i haven't been that interested in security up until now.

    I have been using Zone-Alarm pro,and since about an hour ago,switched to using my
    son's comp for internet,and not using my comp i program on.

    btw,i like this site,glad i found it.
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    Symantec uses akamaitechnologies for updating their software...do you have NAV or anything else that auto-updates.

    akamaitechnologies is the defacto corp for streaming ANYTHING, from ads (mostly), streaming audio, vidio etc.

    i have to go back and read your links but i haven't heard of it beeing used for port scanning....could anybody here really think some one sits there all day waiting for you to come on line so they can scan your ports?

    Ive never heard of money mongering spyware using a not to inexpensine service like akamaitechnologies. thier updates usually come from remote port 80 thus bypassing most FW settings

    looked at the links:

    link 1:

    Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 19:33:51 +0300

    just a guess but i doubt if they had an open proxy it would still be open.

    link 2: load balancing? wouldn't give you what your getting. looks like there allot bigger and offer more services than i thought

    go to your home page and right glick on the ads and go to properties to see where they come from.
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    Ok,since i no longer have my comp with the source on it, i can tell you why i think i'm being hacked.

    Basiclly,i think i'm being hacked(call me paranoid) if you like.

    I made a post on a forum recently,announcing the features of our engine/tools,and that it would beat hands down 2 other companies,for price and for features.

    The reason i am concerned is source code.
    I have 4 comps here 3,with the main source on(that have no net connections)
    and 1 comp that has source on(or certain parts of it) that i HAVE been connecting to the internet while researching.

    Is there any way of tracing a hack attempt?? i mean getting information that could prove who has been attacking?

    i have NOTHING that auto-updates, i don't use Nortan- Antivirus.

    As i mentioned,the only thing on this comp i am using now, is childrens stuff,like pop pictures etc,nothing like source code to a commercial game engine.

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    Tell me if I am wrong.
    Are these alerts triggered by

    1)your computer trying to connect to


    2)you get alerts because someone is trying to connect to your computer from

    Case 1 is either a spyware or a trojan/virus, you need an updated antivirus and/or trojan scanner

    I suggest :

    AVG Antivirus

    Free Online Trojan Scan

    Free Trial Trojan Scanners

    Case 2 is probably a port scan/hack trial and since your firewall blocks it, they can't connect.

    Additional questions:

    What ports are being scanned?
    What process is trying to connect?

    As for good softwares, check my earlier post:

    P.S. You don't really need an expert to figure what's going on...
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    The comp i'm using now,has nothing on it,except for maybe a couple of pop pictures,and mp3's
    and hasn't even got a firewall on it,since its my 11 year olds computer.

    Now,the comp i used earlier(when i made this post) had Netbios disabled,Zone-Alarrm Pro,SpyBot,swat it pro,and other apps on it.

    I get alerts because someone is trying to connect to my computer from

    around 6-8 each time i connected,sometimes more than that.

    i think that they have connected and maybe taken(though i'll never know)
    as i have a top box connection,that has an adaptor,a red LCD light flashes when there is internet activity(if your downloading something it flashes very fast)if your doing nothing,it is static.

    Within minutes of connecting,it would flash like hell! every time,which tells me that someone was downloading from me.

    as i have said,i'm no expert on security,but common sense tells me i'm being hacked.

    What would be good,is to prove(and shame)who i think is behind all this crap.

    \"Never argue with an idiot...they will always bring you down to their level...then they will beat you with experience.\"

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