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Thread: Saturday night thoughts

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    Sunday afternoon thoughts

    Like any other post , this will have those who agree or disagree with the issues raised. some may see it as a whine , moan , groan, rant, etc, it it not intended to be, but rather some personal obsevations of the site in general. Before making comments, one has to ask the questions. Firstly , what makes this site apart fom other "professional" security related sites different? what makes it so popular? Is it really that popular. I do not know the answers to these questions , but can only give you my thoughts. To me, The AP system is outdated, if a moderaator wishes to ban someone for flaunting the rules, this should be enough.
    A post that asks for help and gets a satisfactory reply in the first couple of posts is then followed by repetitive information or inaccurate B******T, usually by individuals who would appear to have absolutely no great in depth knowledge, experience or recognisable qualifications in computer architechture, technology, hardware, software, etc. Yes greenies are nice under your name, but will they get you a job, I do not think so. I suppose like a lot of other areas in life it's nice to get recognition, but if this site is your be all, and end all of you life, and the only way to recognition, e.g "Whoopeee I'm now a senior member in AO" Good Luck

    ps. Yes I plead guilty to contributing my share of meaningless and shitty posts

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    jm459 I have not said anything before because really what you were doing was harmless but when you come out and start insulting the users of AO as a whole like that I am afraid I must address those comments.
    I have noticed that the vast majority of your recent posts have been nothing more than pics taken from websites and posted here. You say about others
    Yes greenies are nice under your name, but will they get you a job, I do not think so
    but if these pic posts are not a way of scoring some easy greenies what is? What contribution do they make how do they show you as having
    great in depth knowledge, experience or recognisable qualifications in computer architechture, technology, hardware, software
    so I thought maybe I was being a lil harsh so I went back through some more of your posts to see if you had actually contributed anything worthwhile recently. What I found was the exact opposite.....
    Yes . You are definitely being hacked by the FBI. This is logical and understandable, you, being an "intern" in the UK
    wow!!! very helpfull there - you accuse other people of posting inaccurate BS when you yourself just post pathetic attempts at sarcasm. Sarcasm is suppoused to be witty and inteligent - perhaps you should bear that in mind next time you attempt to reply in such a manner.
    But it gets better ::

    Thread Comment
    08-05-2003 11:27 PM you're no better than spammers....you just post a ton of crap that isn't even funny
    - contact user about this assignment: AP Poster: xxxxxxxxxxx

    08-05-2003 11:27 PM he tried being nice. Ive thought about saying something to you my self.
    - contact user about this assignment: AP Poster: xxxxxxxxxxx
    Now I removed the names of those people who had assigned the above AP's - though that was something you did not do in your original post! Not only whinning about ap assignments but also posting them - including the name of the people who had assigned them. This is a major no-no in my book and I am certain a few others as well. I do not know how you managed to get through that without being heavily neg'd for it.

    So please before posting such crap as this thread stop to think "what am I contributing?"
    Theres nothing like the pot calling the kettle black!


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    v_Ln... I have to admire you.. that was what I'd call a "controlled flame"

    but honestly, the AP system has always been somewhat of a failure.

    sure the idea of having a site "running itself" was good.. but we saw all the various
    crap like alliances and favoritism that resulted from the AP system.. and many good
    folks left or were turned off by all the crap.. think about it.. we've all seen sites that
    were "orderly" as long as a group of trusted folks were allowed to moderate it.

    it ain't JP's place anymore.. and if folks REALLY cared about changing the AP system,
    then maybe Jupmediea would consider it.. after all.. one looks to whatever is
    best for the community..


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    The only thing JupMedia needs to do concerning the AP system is a script that automatically deletes any post that contains the words "greenies, AP systems, negs, etc.." Why hasn't anyone searched the post and found that there have been already like 1,000,000 post already about the AP system and ppl posting uniformative posts. Grow up ppl and just deal with it. Ppl don't look at the amount of your greenies to decide if your post is informative. I have seen a lot of ppl with 5 or better greenies that post crap. They read the post to see if its informative. As long as your not getting banned ppl, why do you care? Really?

    "Where the tree of knowledge stands, there is always paradise": thus speak the oldest and the youngest serpents.
    - Friedrich Nietzsche

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