I got a sort of old p.c. running mandrake linux 9.1. Unfortunatley it cannont run kde because of the graphics card. So i put it up as a console file server, which is ok but my configuration for the linksys usb 2.0 ethernet adapter isn't working properly. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem and fixed it ? During the installation the system was really slow so I installed in text mode, for the network i picked Lan ==> USB(alot of vendors). Obviously it didn't work. I'm going to try re-booting and unplugging the usb to see if the boot catches it.

Oh yeah here is a pick of the usb - ethernet adapter


I just tried using the adapter on my other mandrake 9.1 machine couldn't find a driver so looks like the old p.c. just won't run on linux Since the machine is only like 2gz i can't use a ethernet adapter if anyone runs linux and uses a e-thernet to usb adapter could you please send me a pm with the type it is.