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Thread: Playstation 2 and online safety.

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    Question Playstation 2 and online safety.

    Hi Ao'ers,

    Heres a late Sunday night weird one for you all,

    I have a LAN here at home on it I have:
    -Two PC's
    -Playstation 2
    -Five port router

    Ever since the playstation 2 has been on my Lan I've noticed some ever so slight weirdness.
    The playstation refuses to reboot occasionally and just sort of hangs, Again occasionally when Im playing an offline game I can see the Network Link light flashing away like a madman.
    I figure its not anything to do with DHCP or ICMP solicitation to and from the router as this process doesnt take 5 whole minutes (which is about as long as the linklight flashes for).

    More weirdness ... I've also noticed that when the Playstation 2 is on and running an offline game the whole Lan slows down?!? Web / Mail Access, Telnet, Internal P2P etc.

    With all the recent press and articles and guides on 'how to hack an xbox' I figured it wont be long before people find exploits / ways of connecting to Playstations.

    Has anyone else experienced this weirdness??

    Ideally I'd like to analyse what traffic is hitting my playstation, Type, Times, Addresses etc.
    I figure im gonna need to feed the Playstation connection through a pc then out to the internet???? Or is there another way? Can I use a listener? Any suggestions?!

    I've downloaded a decent log viewer for my router but it doesnt really tell me anything other than 'in and outbound TCP/IP' Literally thats it!!! Incidentally the router is a Linksys: BEFSR41 - EtherFast® Cable/DSL Router.

    LOL !! Sony say the ideal place for your Playstation 2 is in the DMZ, Yeah!! Like *****!!


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    Try some of these packet sniffers

    www.ethereal.com This is for windows, and *nix FREE

    http://www.sniff-em.com/ for Windows. Its not free but does have a 30 day trial to it.

    http://www.etherdetect.com/ 100$ if you want to buy it, but they also have a free trial. This is for Windows Also.

    So try some packet sniffing, and see what kind of traffic you have going in and out.

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