At home we have a wlan, 2 pc's connected wireless, and a laptop from my dad's work directly plugged into the router. It all has worked before but now my father has been to work some things have changed and the laptop refuses to surf the internet.
I can get to the configurationpage of the router and that's about it.
Laptop specs: IMB Thinkpad Pentium 3 700MHZ, 128MB RAM
Win2kpro installed
Router: Siemens Santis 50, ADSL

Everything is ok, the laptop receives its IP-adress from the router, DNS settings are also correct, IP Sec is disabled, there is nothing wrong with the browser settings so I don't know what's wrong. First I thought it was the firewall that blocked outgoing connections but when I disabled it I still couldn't get to the internet. It's a bit strange because my dad uses that laptop to work at home in the weekends, so when he connects to the server it's heavily secured.