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    SCO cons their first company....

    "This Fortune 500 company recognizes the importance of paying for SCO's intellectual property that is found in Linux and can now run Linux in their environment under a legitimate license from SCO. We anticipate this being the first of many licensees that will properly compensate SCO for our intellectual property. After having initiated the program last week, we are very pleased with the licensing interest to date."
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    Lets hope this doesn't become a trend.

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    Whatever happened to the idea of open source. Talk about a penny for your thoughts.
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    Until SCO names the company that paid (my guess MS or SUN as they both have a vested interest in seeing SCO continue its case) this is just more FUD
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    I hadn't thought of that......It probably is someone like MS who already had been on SCO's side from the beginning. More smoke and mirror tactics.

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