A new worm / trojan has been discovered that exploits the RPC flaw from MS Security Bulletin MS03-026:

This trojan has been found to be widespread among several universities. In these cases, the recent DCOM RPC vulnerablity has been exploited to copy a backdoor trojan (detected as BackDoor-TC since the 4255 DAT files), and the patch for the DCOM RPC vulnerability. Exploited systems are patched, the backdoor is installed, and the Stealther trojan conceals both the backdoor and itself.
The stealther trojan is designed to hide running processes, files, and registry keys. When run, any file name matching CSRS*.EXE will be hidden from the user. Booting an infected system in to Safe Mode, or connecting to it via network share are 2 ways to view the stealth files.

Details of the recent attack are as follows. Compromised systems contain the following files:

%WinDir%\system32\csrsv.exe Stealther trojan
%WinDir%\system32\csrsu.exe ExeStealth packed BackDoor-TC trojan
c:\update.exe MS03-026 patch

The following registry keys are present:
The CSRSPX key is responsible for loading the Stealther trojan, to conceal the presence of any file named CSRS*.EXE (in this case the backdoor trojan, as well as the Stealther trojan). Reports have varied in which TCP Port the backdoor trojan is listening on, and is likely configured by the hacker(s) responsible for these attacks.
This one is kind of sneaky so beware and keep your eyes open.


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