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Thread: I need some help

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    I need some help

    I don't know where i should post this but I have a problem. I downloaded a program and i keep getting my computer shutdown. I don't know if it is related to the program i just downloaded or not(it was a program that allowed you to see the real letters behind the ****** in passwords, i needed it because i had forgotten some of my passwords). But for some reason i keep getting my computer shutdown because the RPC(or something similar) was terminated unexpectedly. Shortly after that Norton Internet Security labled some program called "msblast.exe" high risk so i prevented it from accessing the internet. Now i don't get my computer shut down anymore but the minute i disable my security(i dont disable my security that often i just did it once to test) i get it shutdown. And i tried to delete the program "msblast.exe" but i coudln't. How can i get rid of this program?

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    I've searched google, and Microsoft for msblast.exe, and both of them do not return anything.

    Have you tried the add and remove program in control panel?

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    Sounds like you've fallen victim to the msblast.exe worm which exploits the new RPC vulnerability. First off, there are several discussions you will want to check out currently going on here on AO regarding this:


    From McAfee's Virus Information Library:

    Have you updated your Norton with the latest DAT files?

    EDIT: I see that thehorse13 has already provided you a link that has some removal information in it. Be sure to carry out the removal instructions, then make sure you are up-to-date on your OS patching.
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    msblaster worm is one of the fastest spreading worm in the world. There are many solutions. For one u could update your antivirus's dat files. The alternate solution are the tools found on the internet. You can download it from the avg website. To prevent futher attacks use a powerfull firewall such as Zone Alarm. Olso use mail filters that come in buildin the antivirus program.

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    When will people learn to keep those virus .dat files up to date.
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    When will people learn to keep those virus .dat files up to date.
    Never. Unless something does it for people, the majority will put it off until they feel like it, or until they fall victim to a virus. As for MSBlast.exe, do what everyone else said. Somewhat interesting, but if you look at a decompiliation of it, it is not very well coded, and could have been much more efficient.


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    try norton
    it will surly help u
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