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    NetBIOS Question


    I am doing a test on two servers at work.

    Netbios on the two servers is enabled and accessible to those who enter correct username and password combinations.
    My question is this:
    If someone has access to a computer through Netbios (net use * \\\C$ /U:surreal) can they execute programs that would execute on the server itself and not on the client that issued the command? If so how?

    Thanks for your time.

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    Yeah...follow this link and your question will be answered.


    Hope this helped a bit!

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    no but they can aways use WMI tool like psexec
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    Originally posted here by Tedob1
    no but they can aways use WMI tool like psexec
    psexec is definitely a cool tool

    It's part of the pstools package and can be downloaded for free on the SysInternals website.
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    Yes, as has been mentioned PSEXEC is a favorite but there are many others. If you are using NetBios make sure you have the NullSession disabled or all your work will be for naught. A nice little program like ENUM.EXE can quickly enumerate accounts and TONS of useful info as well as perform a dictionary attack on NetBios shares which can quickly lead to the comprise of an otherwise sturdy seeming network, this also emphasizes the importance of strong passwords. I have been able to comprise many a server through the use of simple tools such as enum and a good wordlist.

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