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Thread: Internet Security Systems' Unbreakable IDS?

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    Internet Security Systems' Unbreakable IDS?

    Great news for ISS @ http://www.enterpriseitplanet.com/se...le.php/2246561

    Atlanta, Georgia-based Internet Security Systems (ISS) is claiming victory after having passed independent testing of its RealSecure Network Gigabit intrusion detection software.

    The firm's RealSecure latest edition of Gigabit Network Sensor, version 7.0, runs on Windows 2000 (SP2) and RedHat Linux 7.3.

    The tests were performed by NSS Group, an independent security testing organization with laboratories in Southern France and the UK. ISS's product is the first to score a 100% in attack detection, performance and attack evasion.
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    Looks a little too good to be true. Symantec manhunt product is right up there and seems to have a nicer gui (i.e - usable!) Put that together with a mantrap honeypot and you are covered.

    no buy iss

    more honey for the rest of us.

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