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    Fadia says he has worked for a non-Indian intelligence agency, helping to break algorithms used to encrypt data suspected to belong to a terrorist group. The data was hidden in an image using steganography and encrypted three times using three customised algorithms.

    come on now
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    Fadia says that money appears to be the main motivation for the Western hackers
    If you are willing to pay, and people are willing to do the work no matter how unethical it maybe. Is it really so hard to believe that people who don't even share your opinions are willing to so some work for some easy cash?

    Besides, us "Westerners" are taught from day one about the golden rule.

    "He who has the gold makes the rules"

    If you wish to fuel this, then you are as guilty as we are.
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    The attacks that pakistani hackers had planned have started here is an example

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    That is quite the list at zoneh , it is really too bad. It seems that the goverments of pakistan and india are getting along much better now than in the last year or so. It would be terrible if this kind of childishness has any impact on the trust/realations built up recently between the two nations.
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    The international ban against torturing prisoners of war does not necessarily apply to suspects detained in America\'s war on terror, Attorney General John Ashcroft told a Senate oversight committee
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