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Thread: Cannot detect Handy drive in Windows....?

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    Cannot detect Handy drive in Windows....?

    Hi all, I need some help.... I've got a Apacer Handy Drive Steno 64 MB, there is 2 partition, and I bought it about 3 months ago. So, the problem that i'm having is my WindowsME / XP can't detect the second partition, where i keep all the data. its just only detect the first one.....

    I dont know what are the problem.... Just now I'm went to Apacer web site but server down...

    Pls help me, i'm in the class rite now...


    I have no idea....

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    Sort of confused here is it an ME or XP they are two different things. ME was a marketing flop version of the 3rd version of 98 but more close to Win 95 Plus and XP well the cow pasture thing for home addition. Actually sounds more like a controller issue then an OS what does your controller say or any boot errors and what flavor of XP have an event log that would be the pro version I think. Uh oh class is it a class on find out why you cannot see a partition MCSE or how do I work my computer intro class?
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