question #1
My computer stoped booting and i didnt touch the bios
kt-400 firedragon ultra black motherboard by soyo
amd xp 2000+
512 corsair ram
antec 300 watt power supply
phenox bios made in 1999 not sure what ver ask if u need it
dvd rom 8x/40x
cd-rw 20x/12x/48x
1.44 floppy
30 gig maxtor hdd
12 gig maxtor hdd
6 gig quantom fireball hdd
64 meg nvidia geforce 4mx video card
soundblaster audigy gamer

i was low level formatting all my hdds and swaping an os from one hdd to another one night
i used norton ghost and powermax 4.6.1 i think it was
i switched the os from the 30 gig to the reciently lowleveled, fdisked, and formatted 12 gig hdd and that went fine then i restarted after removing the 12 and 6 gig hdds and i was going to do the same to the 30 after i lowleveled that to, i rebooted my computer with the boot disk in the drive and it froze on the boot splash screen, it was reading the floppy and when i pulled the disk out it still was, i couldnt even get to thebios setup screen. and i noticed that when i pluged it in it would boot up instantly and it would never do this so i flashed my bios and set it back to orginal settings and still nothing, lately my processor has been overheating because my cooling fan wasnt running right or something would that hav cause this or is my bios over the hill?

Question #2
I hav a gateway solo 9300 laptop
224 megs of ram
500 mhz P3
8meg video ati range mobility
ess sound ard (not sure what)
2 pcmcia 1,2,3 slots
os redhat 9 shrikie
I hav a D-link airplus dwl-650+ wireless card and rh9 doesnt hav the drivers fo my card and the ones that it has similar wont work
i hav the windows drivers for them but i dont no if i can get them to work on linux (mostlikely not) so if someone could dive me a link to ware i could get some that would be great, ifnot i will go out and buy a new a,b,g wifi card (anything for linux jimmy rigging and duct tape wil not surfice if u no what i mean)

One last question
is there an emulator or a program that will make some if not all windows programs work on linux hopefuly for free if not il buy one i remember the screen savers on tech tv hav something about that on there site but i couldnt find what they were talking about

Thanx all i know this is a long one and remember
RedHat is Royality