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Thread: 2600 Wont Work!

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    Angry 2600 Wont Work!

    I just went out and baught an AMD XP 2600+ 333mhz FSB. Also an MSI KT4V motherboard and 512 meg of DDR 400mhz RAM. When it boots it displays the clock speed as 1250 not 2600+ or 2080. I have tried settign the RAM and CPU and PCI Bus speed to no avail. The highest ive gotten is 2000+. I dont think this is right because of the '+' but it might be im not sure. To acheive that I can leave PCI AND RAM speeds alone and just set CPU FSB to 133*2 in BIOS. After doing this and not having the thing trun it self off I watched the core temp. It slowly rose to about 76*c without crashing. I didnt watch it go any higher but my guess is that it would have stoped at 80*c. The heatsink and fan are the onse that came with the cpu and they are attached correctly. also it does let the RAM run at 400 without dying, I just cant get the cpu up to what it is supposed to be. Im thinking it might be because they gave me the wring cpu(the 266FSB instead of the 333FSB) but I doubt it. Thanx ALOT in avdance I really apreciate anyone who can help me in any way(even if i just learn something that doesnt help me any). L8rs all!
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    Ok since this is a AMD motherboard here there is a switch on the M/B called a DSW switch. unless you set this switch to on, the CPU will run at only 100 mhz FSB. You must turn this switch on. Also there is probably a option in your BIOS to increase the CPU multiplier (the rate it is clocked). On my Asus M/B I have the CPU set to 333 on the FSB, and a multiplier of 14.*. However I have a AMD XP 2500. Also keep in mind that even though the AMD says 2200 mhz it will only run at 1.7 or somewhere in there. I checked out the specs for your board and it does support 333mhz fsb.

    For your heat problem, that temp does seem a little hot. Do you have anytpe of thermal tape, or past on the CPU.?

    Also I would be careful overclocking your memory unless you have some kind of heatsink or fan on them.

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    First you need to know what processor you have. Check the OPN ( ordering part numbers )

    This might help:

    AX is Model 6, Palomino

    AXDA could be a Model 8 Thoroughbred
    AXDA could be a Model 10 Barton

    The next four digits are the model # ( example, yours should be 2600 )

    the next digit should be a "D" for desktop processor

    the next is the voltage
    model 8 "L" = 1.50 V, "U" = 1.60 V, "K" = 1.65 V
    model 10 "K" = 1.65 V

    the next is die temp model 8 "T" = 90C, "V" = 85C
    model 10 "V" = 85C

    the next is L2 Cache Size
    model 8 "3" = 256 Kbytes
    model 10 "4" = 512 Kbytes

    and finally the last should be FSB
    model 8 "C" = 266, "D" = 333
    model 10 "D" = 333, "E" = 400

    would be AMD model 8 2600 desktop processor 1.65 V, 85C, 256 K L2 cache with 333 FSB.

    Now here is the trick, an AMD 2600 does not run at 2600 MHz. There was a new naming convention which AMD began to use with the Athlons. Your processor's actual speed should be one of the following:

    model 8 2600 at 2083 MHz ( 333 FSB ) or 2133 MHz ( 266 FSB )

    model 10 2600 at 1917 MHz ( 333 FSB )

    MSI suggests for a 333FSB you set the FSB to 166 and the ratio to AUTO.

    Hope this helps
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    This is more than likely a Barton Core AMD CPU like mine. I have a 2600 as well only I have an nforce2 mobo. They do run hot even with more than stock colling hell it gets to over 115 here in Sun Valley so I expect the chip to get hotter than that but it is stable. MSI mobos at least the newer ones don't have jumpers for the FSB it is all done from the BIOS so you can do it from BIOS. There is a problem not all mobos can handle 333 FSB without flashing the BIOS you may want to try that. I didn't have to flash mine but I had to flash a customer's mobo that was a MSI. Then just set it to Default multiplier and 166 FSB. It should work if it gets too hot then try more cooling it is a hot summer at least here. Hell in the winter I can get my XP2600+ tp dp a 3000+ but in the summer it does its regular cycles. Let me know if you need more help I have plenty of experience with AMD and overclocking I do it for a living.

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    For your heat problem, that temp does seem a little hot. Do you have anytpe of thermal tape, or past on the CPU.?
    Use artic silver for better heat transfer

    Also I would be careful overclocking your memory unless you have some kind of heatsink or fan on them.
    You can't attach a heatsink to ram. And if you were talking about memory heatspreaders, they don't do anything its just there to make ur memory look nice

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    Originally posted here by Higher Talshiar

    You can't attach a heatsink to ram.

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    Use artic silver for better heat transfer
    naw.. there's better stuff coming out.


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    I have built a few AMD boxes recently, and have encountered a few problems regarding compatibility. There seems to be some contention between the processor speed, FSB and memory speed supported.

    I have not used MSI MoBos, so cannot comment specifically, but I am suspecting some kind of conflict with the 400Mhz memory? I have encountered problems in that boards that would support up to 3 gigs of slower memory, won't support more than 512 of 400MHz, and several that would not support 400MHz at all..................don't know why, but there is obviously some sort of issue/tradeoff here? I have even seen the same with 266 v 333.

    Does the MoBo manual specifically state that it supports 400Mhz memory?

    As for temperature; that does seem far too hot. I agree that silver compound is the best available at the moment, and superior to tape or the "white Gunk" Yeah........I have seen the stuff about diamond and other carbon products, but they are not available over here yet...how about you?.....I think we are looking for an immediate solution? You might check for "bleed" around the CPU/heatsink, as it may not be seated properly?

    I am also not greatly impressed by the AMD supplied fans.............I use CoolerMaster, even though they are somewhat cumbersome..............they certainly shift a lot of air. You should also check your case for cables obstructing airflow, and remember that you need to bring air into the case as well as expel it.

    Just a few personal observations................hope they are of some help

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