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Thread: GNU FTP sever compromised

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    GNU FTP sever compromised

    well this news hits slashdot...
    i dont have any details except for this
    but any1 going for a download from there is adviced to hold on for a few days until originals are restored.
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    Very clever of the attackers to use all the talk about the blaster worm to let this slip by unnotified.
    Anyways, not only am I bumping this thread, I actually got an addition to it.
    The Computer Emergency Response Team (http://www.cert.org) has released an advisory regarding this compromise.
    It can be found at the following url:

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    People just have no shame nowadays , Hacking a non profit organization who has helped the computer community for so many years ,giving so much and asking so little. The person(s) who did it should be ashamed of themselves. (And be forced to use windows ME for the rest of there life)
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    GNU hacked

    Originally posted here by lumpyporridge
    The person(s) who did it should be ashamed of themselves. (And be forced to use windows ME for the rest of there life)

    Damn, thats harsh... I wouldnt wish that on anyone.... :P

    Yeah, dis'in the GNU by cracking it like that is like, I dunno, beating up the grandpa across the street that always has candy and good stories to tell when you visit for no good reason... and then cleaning out his house... (couldnt think of anything else, its really early and Ive been up all night again... )

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