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    SysAdmins in Ireland

    When my parents were in Ireland last year, they heard from several folks that there was a need for systems administrators and programmers in Ireland. I've read the same thing a few times. I know several of the folks who post here live in Ireland, and was just wondering if they would agree with this. Is there still a need for computer tech people? Are there any specific fields that seem to be in demand? This last question may be a bit silly, but I will be traveling around Ireland next spring, are there any people or agencies which any locals recommend I meet face to face? I'm not asking for anyone else out there to do my research for me, but I thought an inside view from someone working in IT there would very informative.

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    Hi Bob,

    I work for a security company in the uk, we have our head offices in Ireland.

    YES!! there is work out there. I wouldnt go as far as to say there is a shortage of staff in Ireland, but it wouldnt be hard to get a job in this sector.

    Compaq and HP have MASSIVE HUGE offices out there... They house ALL their support staff...everything from Laptops to NetServers to Printers!!

    Think carefully though as the Irish economy is a funny beast.. Car insurance, living tax, stamp duties etc are all very different and more expensive than the Uk.

    If you need more info or want me to put your name forward for an interview in Ireland with one of our companies PM me mate.

    Also look for a user in the forums called r3boo+ he's a nice guy and Irish!! So he may have more of an insight for you.

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