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    after all i know that it's not the forum to this topyc, but i don't found one refering to the topic.

    well...... in colombia we have a t.v. company called "tvcable". this company have the "cablenet" service, it operates with a cable modem.

    but someone..... access to the security room of the compani and put a virus on the sitem.

    a lot of home/office/schools etc. computers was being infected with the virus.

    the tvcable company look at the virus and discover that the virus is named as "w32.blaster.worm", so the company know who to destoy the virus.................. all that cause a lot of confusions on the "cable net members", because it's suposse that the cablenet is/was the best internet sistem of the world.

    the company put who to remove the virus on the channel 70, on the tv sistem...... but now all people are confuse with that "terrorims attack" if we should call this act with that name.

    all that is only telling you that poorly acts that the people make.
    but now a have 2 question.

    1. you concider inhuman or human this act. "insert a virus and atac a lot of computer making the miss of a lot of important documents works etc.? yes? no? why?"

    2. it is possible that clabenet can be attack by someone again?
    if this be posible. what we can do to safe to this attacks?
    thank you to listen me.
    ever grateful. jeralcker.

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    It is definatly not cool to release a virus to anyone anywhere for any reason. As for your second question, YES, they can, and probably will be attacked again. I use comcast cable here, and they are STILL infected with Nimda, go figure. Most of these big companies it seems can't keep on top of their own security. As far as safe gaurding goes, BUY a firewall for your personal system. Hardware or software, it's up to you, but firewalls will save you a lot of trouble if properly configured. They are not the one and only answer, and will not stop everything, but they will prevent a lot of headaches!
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    Buenos Jeralcker,

    You raise questions that I have been asking myself for the past twenty years. I am afraid that there will always be people who are not good members of society, and who will misbehave because they think that they are being more intelligent than anyone else.They are pathetic creatures.

    They have no sense of responsibility, and either do not care, or do not consider the harm that they might cause to others. It is a very bad state of affairs, that I have had personal involvement in rectifying. Even to the extent of having to take one of my own computers to a friend's house so that his son could finish this design project he was doing for a job application. I got home at around 03.15 that morning,and had to start work at 07.30; I was not very happy. But he got the job

    As for your technical question, I am afraid that the answer is "yes". Cable is a nice, fast connection to the Internet, but you are still connecting to it, using e-mail, surfing, and doing all the other things that you would do via a satellite or telephone line. It is the internet, not your connection that is where the problems are.

    The basic rules are:

    1. You must have a firewall
    2. You must have an antivirus application
    3. You must keep both of them updated
    4. You must apply all your operating system's security updates.

    As you have a cable connection, I think that you might be wise to use a hardware firewall as well as a software one; as I presume that you are always connected.

    I have written two tutorials on defensive countermeasures, you might like to try some of the software that I have suggested.

    Please remember, just because it is cable DOES NOT protect you.......that is only the way that you connect. Security is your responsibility.

    Be safe....Stay safe

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    nihil i have one question........ what is the fireball?
    i look at this word in a lot of forums, but i realy don't know what is it.
    i'm waiting for your answer
    realy thanks.

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    cali forn i a
    haha...ok...a firewall...or in ur words...a fireball (hehe) is a protective "wall" that lets specific data which u specify in a ruletable pass in and out through ur computer.

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    If u have a network share in your computer while using cable modem then there is a risk of getting infected nimida is common in cable modem users,
    msblast is a recent problem to all , update your antivirus frequently so u can minimize the risk
    install a good firewall, if ur using xp then apply security policy close the unwanted ports
    Patch ur OS by visiting the Os's website and u can get the info here also
    disable the unwanted service like telnet, remote admin, ftp, tftp, sendmail, simple tcp servcices etc if dont use them,
    have a strong password disable the guest account
    this will reduce the risks but wont prevent u completely from attacked

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    Here are some free tools you will want to install soonest. Worry about the best of each later.

    free antivirus http://www.grisoft.com/us/us_dwnl_free.php

    free software firewall http://www.zonelabs.com (you'll have to dig a little to find the free version.

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    the whole problem could of been avoided if they would of done thier updates / patches. M$ released a patch for the problem it explites awile ago. I basically scanns ip's looking for systems that are not patched and uses the exploit to burrow into your system and use it to infect others.
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    The "firewall" is a method of defending your system against outside attack. I realise that we may have a language problem.............and that we only post in English............however, we will try to help you.

    The "firewall" is a software or hardware solution that protects your computer against attempts to get into it, without you saying yes. it will block unauthorised access attempts. This is your own protection, in your home, on your computer.

    There are a number of replies before this one.............please look at them...you may not understand because they abbreviate things...........please answer me honestly ...are you writing in English...or using a translation program?

    I have a good reason for asking, AND I will asure you......you ARE amongst friends.......we all had to learn somewhere?

    a manyana


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    d0m1n10n yeah true, thing is though it's always easy to blame someone else for this kind of situation. If your system has become infected by a virus/worm/trojan it's your fault not wholly the fault of the cable company it is up to each individual to take responsibility for the security of their box...

    granted if the software wasn't so full of holes in the first place none of this would be necessary but thats avoiding the reality of the situation... if one uses MS one has to expect that some attempt to compromise the system will be made at some point - you have to make sure you stay one step ahead (difficult enough I know but..). At least thats my opinion


    PS to answer your questions jeralcker

    1. it is a childish activity... some would argue that introducing a virus/trojan/worm etc has a point by highlighting errors and security holes and to an extent that argument does hold some truth. Howveer as you say mainly all it does it cause loss of documents and business and much grief
    2. yes it's very likely to happen again... but it is your responsibility to take the security of your system seriously and keep it safe.

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