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    Online Library

    Greetings all, I was browsing google for an online library bc I wanted something interesting or fun to read, but the only books I could find online are boring books for research. This could definately come in handy as I learn more about computers (as I've found several "teach yourself such and such" about computer stuff), but I just want something fun to read. I also searched AO to see if this subject has ever come up before, and I diddn't find any matches. My question is: does anyone know where to find good books for free online? (btw, for research I've found that http://www.questia.com/ is really good).

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    A quick google search for "ebooks" came back with a number of hits. I didn't check them all but I am sure there are some you have to pay for and some that are free. Here's the first one in the list, it has a members area as well as a public area.


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