Hi people!
Phrack 61 is out!
There is the index!

1 Introduction (.txt) Phrack Staff
2 Loopback (.txt) Phrack Staff
3 Linenoise (.txt) Phrack Staff
4 Toolz Armory (.txt) Phrack Staff
5 Phrack Prophile on digit (.txt) Phrack Staff
6 Advanced Doug Lea's malloc exploits (.txt) jp
7 Hijacking Linux Page Fault Handler (.txt) buffer
8 The Cerberus ELF interface (.txt) mayhem
9 Polymorphic Shellcode Engine (.txt) CLET team
10 Infecting Loadable Kernel Modules (.txt) truff
11 Building IA32 'Unicode-Proof' Shellcodes (.txt) obscou
12 Fun with the Spanning Tree Protocol (.txt) Vladislav V. Myasnyankin Oleg K. Artemjev
13 Hacking the Linux Kernel Network Stack (.txt) bioforge
14 Kernel Rootkit Experiences & the Future (.txt) stealth
15 Phrack World News (.txt) Phrack Staff

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