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    my pc is suddenly getting off when i open my media player what do i do?
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    Can you give us a little more info. Are you getting any error messages, if so, what are they? Is there any useful info in your event log?


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    Also, what Operating system are you running? Let us know about some more specifics and I'm sure it'll be easier to be of help.
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    As the guys have said: we really need more information on your operating system and your computer hardware and software (version numbers)

    For a start...and I would suggest this as pretty general for this sort of problem:

    1. Update your antivirus to its latest pattern/signature file and run a complete system scan.

    2. Obtain or update a/your spyware/botware detector (e.g. AD-aware 6 from lavasoft) or get a trial of Pest Patrol, and run that.

    3. Boot into "safe" mode and run both "scandisk (with surface scan)" and then "defrag"...if you run XP or 2K the scandisk is probably called "chkdsk", and you need to have administrator rights to be sure that you can "see" everything.

    This will tend to prove that your problem is either the result of malware on your system or not; and if you have any hard drive corruption.

    Please let us know the results, and the additional information that we seek.


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    U might want to provide us with more info b4 anyone can help u on that. Lke nihil said of the 3 points. you might want ot check on those. also you might want to check on your system power supply and hardware. But that might take to much effort to start out with.

    Best bet would be to update the virus defs and run a scan and then see what happens. from there u can decide your next move. if it doesnt solve ur problem then ur in for a lot of troubleshooting. but thats the fun part.

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