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Thread: RPC patch rant

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    RPC patch rant

    I hate MS, and all worm writers. Because of this stupid blaster worm I had to patch all of my web systems with only a month of test time (I useualy need three to get all of the devlopers and users to sign off on all of the web sites.). Well after patching on Tuesday every thing seemed fine, then yesterday the s*** hits the fan. It seems thatthisstupid RPC patch breaks my custom DCOM connectors, luckly al that was needed was a reconfigure in dcomcnfg, but I wasted teh better part of a day discovering this. Patchs should not break existing code, stupid MS.... This is why I don'tjust rush off and install a patch as soon as MS rolles one out, odds are it breaks something.
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    Funny you should mention that mate,

    I was installing the blaster fix on four Win 2000 pc's in our training suite yesterday.
    After I'd installed it, been a good admin and rebooted it - it totally killed all M$ Office applications.

    I had to reinstall the whole *****ing lot (four times)

    Totally bizzare it completely un-installed office on its own. With all the recent press I get a bit twitchy going to the M$ site let alone actually downloading anything!!

    I hate MS, and all worm writers. Because of this stupid blaster worm
    *****in M$ patches, dirty l33t worm writers string em up!!

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