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Thread: RedHat wu-ftpd problems

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    Post RedHat wu-ftpd problems

    I'm running RedHat ES 2.1 on Intel architecture and have a really weird FTP problem with some PC's.


    The wu-ftpd version is 2.6.1-20.

    When I FTP to the linux box from one of the NT PCs, I can login okay - no delays at all. I can get files with no delay at all, but if I try to PUT files (from the PC to linux), then the transfer time is really really slow.

    The PC's having this problem can FTP (put & get) to all other FTP servers okay.
    There are a handful of PCs that can put and get okay to the linux box.

    It's really got me stumped......... All the NT PCs are running service pack 6a, Winsock.dll versions are identical too.
    All NICs are nailed down to 100Mb Full Duplex no auto negotiation at all.

    Any ideas / help much appreciated!

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    I just saw some one else having the same problem with wuftp except running on Freebsd . Unfortunatly there was no answer for the person so it is most likley something to do with wuftp/ms. If your determined try the wuftp people. Wuftp has a reputation of being slow ,bugridden and not so great for security. From what i have seen/read about it. I was just researching ftp as i am setting one up soon and wuftp fell off my list very fast.
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