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    Question Auto-Download Security Risk

    Hey guys,

    For some unknown reason, when I attempt to download a file (by clicking the link), IE will automatically download it, without even asking my permission, and worse of all, OPEN the file! Now, I need not go into detail about the serious repercussions of auto downloading. This is a serious security risk to my computer.

    For example, an AO member posted a msblaster fix, and when I clicked the hyperlink, it automatically downloaded, and proceeded to open winzip! Now, what if that was the actual msblaster worm? See where Im getting at?

    Thanks for your help.
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    Okay.. had the same problem... follow the directions:

    Folder Options ---> File Types ---> File Type In Question ---> Advanced ---> 'Confirm open after download' ---> Make sure its checked.

    That should do it...


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    Hi Showtime8000, it sounds as if your browser is not properly patched to protect you against Content-Disposition and Content-Type MIME Header vulnerabilities.

    More info can be obtained here: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/tre...n/MS01-058.asp

    As well as here: http://www.securityfocus.com/advisories/3744

    The only workaround is to install the security patch from Microsoft (this may or may not fix the problem). A more direct yet temporary approach would be to disable all file downloads from within IE's custom security options, and re-enable the file downloads option only when you need to download a file. This however will not protect you from more complex exploits.

    Hope this helps!

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