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Thread: Is microsoft down?

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    Is microsoft down?

    It is just me but www.microsoft.com is down I was talking to a friend and it didn't work either...
    get blasted?
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    Yes it does seem microsoft is down. I can't ping it, and I can't get to its web page.

    Strange strange.

    support.microsoft.com and shop.microsoft.com do not work either.

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    If it was down.. its back up now.. maybe they were cleaning/transfering servers?


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    It was probably caused by the latest worm, which was designed ti institute a DOS attack on the M$ update page.

    It was probably caused by the latest worm, which was designed to institute a DOS attack on the M$ update page.
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    Its definitely up now. I think they either had an attack there or they are preparing for the 16th when they are suposed to get attacked by infected systems. they prob just took it down to make sure everything is fine come 16th. it'll be a PR disaster for their Trusted computing if they get caught on this. Already most people do not believe ms software is secure. this will make regular users come to that realisation also. too many of my users here had their home systems affected. I spent most of this week explaining to them how to solve it on their home systems.

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    It seems that lately the Microsoft update page has been unusually slow as well....maybe that's just me. Has it been lagging for others recently too?
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    I don't think it's directly due to msblast... more a side effect - due to MS update site being swamped by folks searching for the RPC patch... something which should have been implemented on systems weeks ago. In effect producing results similar to the DoS which I understand is being targeted to be performed tomorrow.

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