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Thread: MsBlast....new variant????

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    MsBlast....new variant????

    Dear Ones:
    I was infected with the msblast the very first day of its outbreak and got cleared, i have noticed in many threads that there were some variants out here...... Is any other windows OS vulnerable other than XP???? How many known variants of msblaster are out there till now???? please inform

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    Windows 2000 is also affected.

    Theres piles of variants now.

    Download the patch from microsoft and you will be safe

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    First of all, i would like to say that I do not post very often, so if i have made any mistakes then i apologise.

    Form the looks of it, the worm infects OS's that are based on Windows NT technology.
    So the following systems need to be patched:

    Windows NT4 (ALL SP's)
    Windows 2000 (All Varients)
    Windows XP (Home and Pro)
    Windows 2003 (All Varients)

    Our Network has not been infected but here is a quickie on what I did to make sure.

    First of all go to the Sysmantec website and download there W32.Blaster.Worm Removal Tools
    (www.Symantec.com )

    Then go to Microsoft and download there patch for the OS that you are running (www.microsoft.com)

    After that you should be ok.

    Hope this helps.
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