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Thread: Stupid things customers say

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    Stupid things customers say

    I used to work in customer servrce/technical support and some people are so dumb. Here is a list of some of the dumbest things, please add you own...

    UBS - instead of USB
    My son has downloaded the internet for me
    Someone has formatted my machine while i was on the internet
    What OS are you running -> Office

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    well I have to admit that when I first got broadband I claimed to a friend that I had upgraded the internet..... he queried whether I really had upgraded all of the internet and said (sarcastically of course)he would be 'bloody impressed' if I had

    of course I meant my internet connection..... sometimes in excitement, panic or anger we all say the stupidest of things... results can be funny though

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    My grandparents were having a problem with their internet connection and they were convinced that they had "deleted the internet". They say a lot of funny stuff when I go over there to fix whatever is wrong with their computer. It's funny bc I can fix some minor problem just by restarting the computer and they think I'm a hero.

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    I get a phone call from my father:
    The computer is acting all weird, it has a virus
    What is it doing?
    Its not letting me use it and things just are acting weird, what did you do to the computer?
    I didn't do anything but i'll fix it.

    When i got there the problem was he was attempting to use his name "scott" rather than his user name "dad" at login on a computer that has had that login name for him for years
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    At Best Buy, we had a customer ask what the difference was between a Pentium and a Presario...
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    I have a friend that works tech support for the local cable internet access company and she told me that once she got a call from a man who while working underneath his trailer decided to check that the cable was still working by putting the coax cable in his mouth. And when it didn't shock up he cam to the conclusion that his internet access was disconnected even though "the big e still worked on the computer" my friend insured him that his cable connection was fine and asked him if in the future he could keep the coax cable out of his mouth.

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