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    Hardisk cooling problem...


    That day, I want to cooling my hardisk, and then I put on the fan under the HDD, the air flow was aim to the chip under the HDD. I did this because I heard some people said that we can make the HDD running smoothly when the HDD in cold condition...

    But 1 thing that I wondering, when I put the FAN under the HDD, my pc become slower, I know this cause the problem when I take out the Fan... than I can felt my HDD back faster again.... I was did it many time, because I want to make sure....

    Why this can be happen... and how I can cooling my HDD?


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    Taking a shot in the dark here, but it could be that the your already at a limit on your power for your PC and when you plug the fan in it somehow slows your HD?

    Post your specs to your PC here.

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    cheyenne1212 might be on the right track. If your power supply is below 300W I would buy either a 300w or better That may fix the problem.

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    this might be a completely stupid idea, but maybe the air you are blowing at the HD is slowing it down because of the friction the air is blowing (err...trying to incorporate some physics here). If you plug your fan in somewhere else does your HDD slow down also? If it does slow down, then the input power supply to your box is low, but otherwise, my friction idea is my only other guess . Also, you should go to this website and download AIDA32 Personal system Information. This will give you ALL the specs about your computer. http://www.aida32.hu/aida-download.php?bit=32
    Good luck
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    OKAY...............here is my guess:

    1. It should not be friction, because the hard drive is enclosed and pretty well sealed?
    2. The power supply is a good thought, but I would have expected the system to crash on overload; not just slow down?

    The fan is driven by an electric motor. Electric motors work on the principle of electromagnetism. If the motor is defective or too close to another device, the electomagnetic field that it generates can interfere with the other device. We are in the area of induction, electro magnetic fields (EMF) and electro magnetic pulses (EMP). I have seen an AS/400 taken down by EMP and screens fail due to the EMF generated by a faulty desk fan.

    I would suggest getting a purpose built HDD cooling fan. These are a 5.5" mounting with three fans at the front. You put the drive into the mounting then screw the lot into your 5.5" drive bay. I would guess that they cost around $15?...........they are about 12 in England.

    As a general principle, you also need to think about case geometry and airflow......you need to suck air in as well as blow it out.

    EDIT: You must do something pretty quick......if I am right then your data is at risk because the magnetic field could corrupt your HDD!

    Just a few thoughts........


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    Some fans are electricly "Noisey" this can cause various problems whith the computer.. slow-downs? very probable.. But certainly not a problem with the Air friction..

    Follow the advice of powering the Fan from a seperate PSU (from another computer PSU that is)..

    Also the cooling effect on most 7200rpm Hdd's is enhanced by placing a low rpm 40-50mm fan between the hdd and front of the case.. just the extra air circulation around the HDD from a front case sucker fan is cooling enough in many systems..

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    i agree with nihil ...the electromagnetism thing....there could also be a prob wid vibration
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    here's another solution, you could incorporate a heatsink instead of a fan, this way you won't need to use extra power or anything. Just attach a few small heatsinks at the bottom of the HDD. Hope it helps

    Edit: Having a few fans cooling down the whole area inside your comp would help too. The heat that the heatsinks would draw out of the HDD is going to spread around the rest of the devices in there. Adding those fans would keep your comp running smoother. Also, having enought power for those fans is a must. as mentioned above, if you have a 300w or lower power supply, consider an upgrade.

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    Note: the more fans youo have the more they all slow down even the one in your power supply I know this for a fact considering love to modify my boxes heat sinks are a cheap and effiencent way of colling stuff off ive even placed them on my graphics card but there are much more steps to take in this area like tucking everything in bundle stuff up create as much air space as possible dont smother your hardisk with wires i also recommend you buy a slot fan and instead of pulling air out make it pull air in and palce your comp close to your air conditioner in your home that can work wonders and when the winter come put it closer to the window only if you leave your comp on 24/7 like me .............remeber heat rises and for all air you bring in you must bring out a clean box is a cool box ps fans can get loud
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    Never heard of puting the fan on the bottom. Most of the time cooling weather it be fan or water it always goes on top. Its not the circuit board people are worried about cooling its the actual disks inside that people worry about overheating. I would say you should probably try an actual HDD cooler.

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