Bat.QuickFormat.Trojan ?
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Thread: Bat.QuickFormat.Trojan ?

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    Bat.QuickFormat.Trojan ?

    Whats Bat.QuickFormat.Trojan?
    Ive heard its a script some run on IRC channels to make other users computers reboot and format C:. Is that true?

    Cus yesterday someone got banned for useing a script like that and all the others virusprograms said HEY got something here. But what is this Bat.QuickFormat.Trojan.
    Can someone explain that to me?

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    Detected as:


    No additional information.

    This threat is detected by the latest Virus Definitions.

    All computer users should employ safe computing practices, including:

    Keeping your Virus Definitions updated.
    Installing Norton AntiVirus program updates, when available.
    Deleting suspicious looking emails.


    Go to: for hundreds of defenitions

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    Good info Cyb1rd,

    i was just going to post this link

    and remind our friend it is best to do a google b4 posting thes questions..

    this is not a flame for the noob.. as others do need to be reminded of these malware..

    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me

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    Yeah you can do stuff with mIRC and pirch with the script.ini which is mainly used to setup your IRC client with some type of automation like IRC auditing, anti-flood, anti-CAPSlock, (ect)... it all deppends on your scripting. Anyways these scripts can also be used to spam, flood, send downloads and URLs which can contain malware, and blah blah blah....

    I haven't seen much on Bat.QuickFormat.Trojan but based on the name itself I beleave its nothing more than a little batch file that deletes stuff. Yawn...

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