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Thread: BIOS and Floppy

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    BIOS and Floppy

    I unplugged the data and power cables from the floppy drive to clean it but when I plugged it back in and re started the PC, the BIOS couldn't detect the floppy drive. I know the power cable is fine cuz the floppy LED is lit up. When I turned the data cable upside down, the PC wasn't able to start.
    The floppy LED is continuously lit (normally whenever there is an I/O operation it lits up then).
    Can anyone help me on how to fix the problem.
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    It sounds as if your data cable is not connected correctly.

    Check that you haven't bent any of the pins on the back of your floppy drive, when you plugged it back in, something which is quite easy to do. If there are any pins that are slightly bent, you can straighten them out with a screwdriver

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    If the drive light is on all the time I would say that you have the cable wrong way round.....the flat cable should have a thin red stripe down one edge..........typically this edge should go next to the four pin power input.

    Did you disconnect from the motherboard as well? You may be misconnected at that end. As already suggested, check the pins, and you might try a different cable if you have or can borrow one?

    hope this helps

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    Yes somethings that have troubled me in the pass trouble you now.
    if you would post back and tell us if you are using a " Name Brand" comp like a e- machine/ compaque/dell/ ect. sometimes these company make motherboards that dont like when you unplug the original hardware that came with you comp I had a similar problem with my cd- rom in one of my earlier boxes post back with more specs thanks
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    I agree with nihil.

    The ribbon cable is plugged in the wrong way around. I have done this myself plenty of times, and the symptoms you describe (light permanently on) are exactly what happens.


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    The strip on the Cable indicates Pin 1.. ..Warning some manufacturers build their drives upsidedown.. ie the one pin is not always on the same side as the PS lead..

    If you were cleaning the FDD.. is it possable that it was static spiked during the process? and now the logic ccts are u/s ie.. you now have a dead floppy.... just a thought..
    I agree that the most probable is incorrect alignment of the cable, but all is not well if swapping the orintation caused the system to not Boot..

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    Und3ertak3r made a couple significant points, I hope they don't go by unnoticed:

    The strip on the Cable indicates Pin 1.. ..Warning some manufacturers build their drives upsidedown.. ie the one pin is not always on the same side as the PS lead..
    Floppy drives routinely have pin 1 reversed, that is, not next to the power connection. The ( usually red ) stripe on the data cable indicates pin 1 on the cable. Both the MB and the floppy should have at least pin 1 labeled on them, but usually I need a magnifying glass to see them, sometimes it takes some searching to find on the floppy drive. They may put it on the case, or on the printed circuit board the cable connects to. You may have to search for it. Make sure the pin 1 on the cable corresponds to both the MB and the drive.
    but all is not well if swapping the orientation caused the system to not Boot..
    I have never experienced a system which would not boot because the data cable on the floppy was reversed. I have seen the drive's light stay on, but it just would not work and did not prevent the system from booting ( but then again, I have not used ALL possible systems ) It might indeed be that you accidentally fried something with static; by the way, how did you clean it?? What prompted you to clean it?

    A few of other possibilities.

    Since you were able to turn the data cable over, I am assuming that it uses a pin connection and not the blade type connection. With some drives it is possible to connect the data cable but off set it slightly, missing one row of pins.

    The floppy data cable is unique in that the first device must be connected to the end of the data cable because there is a set of wires in it that is twisted. If there are two connectors on the data cable you did replace it at the end connection, didn't you?

    Last thought, the power connection. Which type of connection does it have? If it connects with the standard four hole plug it is hard to mix it up, but if it uses the smaller flat connector, that can be connected wrong.
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    You said that

    I plugged it back in and re started the PC, the BIOS couldn't detect the floppy drive.

    I'm guessing that the Bios is detecting everything else. Flip the cable and see if that works. If you did fry the drive, the cost of floppy drives these days are pretty cheap, you should not be out much money. You maybe able to talk a freind into giving you a floppy drive out of an old unit to test to see if that's all it is. If it still doesn't work, I would say the trouble is in the board. If that is the case, I would take it to a pro and have it tested. Peace.


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