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Thread: Laptop Screen Pin Layout

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    Laptop Screen Pin Layout

    I need either a pin layout from or detailed instructions, on how to connect a Sharp Color LCD VF0133P01 10.4" DSTN LCD Panel PN# LM64C389 to a DVI, VGA, S-Video, or Composite Video cable. This screen was originally in a 'Toshiba Satelite T2155CDS Satellite Pro 400CS'.

    A pin layout would be the best help for me in my current position, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The end cable adapter I am currently looking at running from this screen is in a 2x16 rectangle block approximately 1 1/16" long. The connector is female, and there are dead holes in pin slots 2, 15, 16, 18, 31, and 32.

    Again, any help would be greatly appreciated, and to answer the most likely first comment, no, neither Toshiba nor Sharp are willing, to cooperate with me at all.

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    I've tried google, the sharp website, yahoo, altavista, metacrawler, but I can't find anything about a pin layout for the monitor.

    None of the search engines bring up anything close to pin layouts. I wish I new of a site that specialized in this stuff but I don't. I'll keep lookign to see if I can't find anything else for you.

    Sorry I couldn't help.

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    I have been doing the same thing and keep coming up empty handed. I think this is one of the hardest questions ever asked on A.O, I will keep looking also and I am sure someone is bound to either find the answer or know it.

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    Thats a tough search ,If i were in your position i would send several very polite but desperate emails to laptop repair shops who know Toshibas/sharp. I would bet you would get a response from at least one if you try a range of small and large shops. I know from experience toshiba in the way of help is pretty useless as i have an old 430cdt satellite pro.
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    I've seen this discussed before at a few different forums. (i forget which, 'tho) it's not an easy task, nor is it cost effective.

    the problem is, you can't just "wire it up" , you have to use the video hardware (chipset) and all it's conversions to feed the those pins.

    have a look in google's newsgroups



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    There is a sticky on the forums at www.overclockers.com over this.

    Several companies will sell pci video cards that will let you hook one up- but they are pretty low end 2-8 mb accelerators- 2d only!
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