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Thread: strange ips connected to me

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    strange ips connected to me

    I have like 5 or 6(around there, changes all the time) ips connected to me( i used "netstat") and i want to know if this is normal... And if not what exactly can i do lol! I have a firewall and antivirus and they are on all the time.

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    Are you running any P2P applications i.e kazza, morpheus?

    You have any messenger services?

    I to have some IPs connected to me all the time but these are my loopback ones but on different ports.

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    A little more info would probably get you a more detailed answer....what OS are we dealing with? What kind of connection? The more you tell the more we can assess and assist.
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    It's useful to play around with 'nslookup' [preferably 'host' if you're running *nix] to see exactly what's the deal with them... but most likely, you have messenging/P2P apps connected. ANy decent firewall should give you some information on what program launched those connections, info ab the IPs etc.

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    May sound like a stupit question, but do you have any applications open.
    Like maybe 5 instances of Ineternet Explorer to 5 different web sites?

    If not, you have a problem, otherwise dont panick your more than likely
    seeing connections that yoyu initiated out to the internet

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    it would really be helpfull if you could post a netstat...with your ip addy Xed out of course
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    Best thing would be to provide us with more info. Some of the information you might want to provide would be...

    1-any programs open?
    2-OS used
    3-the list of ip addresses if possible and the ports they are connected to

    with these info, we might be able to provide u with a better answer rather than just guessing it.

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    sorry i couldn't reply i was away for a few days(out of town). I'll send you the netstat if(when) they connect. And no i don't have any P2P networks open and i'm not running 5 different internet explorers . I had my internet connection and aol instant messenger running(with nobody direct connected) and that was all.

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    heres my netstat(as close as i can get it beause i can't copy/paste)

    Proto Local Address Foreign Address State
    TCP xxxxxxxxxxxx ESTABLISHED
    TCP xxxxxxxxxxxx ESTABLISHED
    TCP xxxxxxxxxxxx ESTABLISHED
    TCP xxxxxxxxxxxx ESTABLISHED
    TCP xxxxxxxxxxxx ESTABLISHED

    I hope someone can give me more information

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